Selca are placed on the eastern side of Brač island and occupies an area fo 52 km2. They have approx. 1000 inhabitants. Salca have, 1 km towards the sea, two areas called Puntijak and Ružmarin where is offered a accommodation and vacation for the toursits. Selca has an interesting history and rich cultural tradition. Besides that they are a relatively small place, offers a few cultural mounuments such as sculptures of Lav Nikolayevixh Tolstoy, Stjepan Radic, His Holyness John Paul II, Hans Dietrich Genscher and Alois Mock.

Stone – the symbol of Selca – provides development of stone industry from which are builded a beautiful houses, churches and castels surrounded by exustite parks and gardens. From that same stone was builded a famous White House in Washington D.C., USA – the home of US Presidnet.

Selca enyoj in undisturbed wiev towards the sea, which leads to the beautiful beaches such as Puntijak, Radonja, Ružmarin, Spilice and Zirje.

Sea is crystal clear. There are always a tranquil inlet only for You. Yes, even that is possible because you arrived in the one of the rear corners of our planet where you can be alone and enyoj in full beauty of intact natures.

Selca has a rich offer of fine restaurants, which stays in the memory not only by look, but also with richness of domestic and international gastronomic offer.

In Selca exists a few non-stop open super markets where you can buy anything you need during your stay. Purchase of fres vegatables and fish you can make at the open market during the morning.

In morning and afternoon you can visit a lovely café bars, where you can play billiard, darts, …

Besides good restaurants there are also a rich choice of pizza in pizzerias Bonaca and Perivoj. Night life you can continue in discoteque Hacijenda.

Along football fieds, you can spend your active holidays and recreation by playing tennis. Connection with mainland is with car-ferry lines Split-Supetar and Makarska-Sumartin, which is easier for You. It would be wise to call me on the phone 091 622 3199 when you arrive in Split or Makarska.

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